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Advanced Camp Structures International (ACSI), a division of its Parent Company; Advanced Containment Systems, Inc. is a USA Based Company located in Houston, TX that specializes in the Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Logistics, Delivery and Field Construction of Workforce Housing and other Building Structures to house and accommodate people from a small to extremely large scale. ACSI is comprised of a Seasoned Team of Designers, Engineers and Project Professionals that for more than 25 years of experience have learned how to best achieve cost effective solutions for virtually every type housing requirement with proven success in more than 100 Countries Worldwide

ACSI’s commitment to excellence takes more than technology to succeed in our complex and demanding business. A commitment to whatever is required in terms of time and people to complete our projects properly, within budget, and on schedule. This commitment results in projects that are truly complete down to the smallest detail. ACSI is by nature is a creative and response-oriented company. We do not simply sell things… we sell solutions to our Clients housing problems beyond just manufacturing to solve logistical issues covering time, distance, climate, isolation, and congestion. From these solutions come improved technology, products and services. We know from experience that each project brings its own individual problems and challenges. These challenges demand individual thought and response. So in effect, each project we accept is a custom project. We know that the extra effort we put forth plus our investment in specialized manufacturing facilities and the professional skills of our team is reflected in ACSI on time delivery and ACSI Customer Satisfaction.

At the start of your next project; contact ACSI for all your housing needs; a Company with DEDICATION, DETERMINATION, and COMMITMENT to bring Workforce Groups all the comforts of home working away from home.